Must-see: common failures of pneumatic control valves for sanitary pipe fittings
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Pneumatic control valve is a commonly used control valve in intelligent control and regulation systems in modern industry. The performance of pneumatic control valve will directly affect the working quality of the entire pipeline regulation system.

Because the pneumatic control valve is in direct contact with the adjusted medium at the use site, and the working environment contains various conditions, the pneumatic control valve is prone to various small failures during the working process. Especially for working conditions where the operating environment is particularly harsh, maintenance workers should pay more attention to the maintenance and regular maintenance of pneumatic control valves in addition to troubleshooting these faults at any time during the production process.

When the pneumatic regulating valve regulating valve uses graphite-asbestos as the packing, lubricating oil should be added to the packing once about (2~3) months to ensure the flexibility of the regulating valve. If the packing pressure cap is found to be very low, the packing should be supplemented. If the PTFE packing is found to be hardened, it should be replaced in time.

Pay attention to the operation of the pneumatic control valve during the patrol inspection, and check whether the valve position indicator and the regulator output are consistent. For the regulating valve with valve positioner, check the air source frequently, and deal with the problem in time. The environmental sanitation of the regulating valve and the integrity of its components should always be maintained.