Share the heat treatment method of sanitary pipe fittings
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As for the heat treatment method of sanitary pipe fittings, hot rolling and cold rolling are the two most commonly used processes for forming steel or steel plates. They are also the most basic steel heat treatment method. Heat treatment can have a great impact on the structure and performance of steel. The main production line is hot rolling, and cold rolling is only used to produce small section steels and thin plates. The difference between them will be introduced below.

Benefits: It can destroy the casting structure of the steel ingot, refine the grain of the steel, and eliminate the defects of the microstructure, so that the steel structure is dense and the mechanical properties are improved. This improvement is manifested in the upward rolling direction, so that the steel is no longer isotropic to a certain extent; the bubbles, cracks and looseness formed during casting can also be welded under the action of high temperature and pressure.

It refers to the steel plate or steel strip processed into various types of steel by cold drawing, cold bending, cold drawing and other cold processing at room temperature.

Advantages: fast forming speed, high output, and without damaging the coating, can be made into a variety of cross-sectional forms to meet the needs of utilization conditions; cold rolling can cause large plastic deformations in the steel, thereby improving the steel Yield point.